So what’s with the mullet?

For me, the mullet started in the spring of 2013 as an expedition haircut for my attempted ski across Finnish Lapland (see a trend here?). The original idea was only to get a fun haircut to help keep moral high when spending 45 days in the deep freeze. It was only through this first-hand experience that I came to truly understand that the mullet is THE ultimate expedition haircut.

Besides offering suave looks in the front and a festive vibe in the rear, the mullet provides great physical benefits as well. Most everyone will agree that short hair, especially for a guy, is far easier to feed and care for in the wilderness than long hair. Also, short hair feels better under a helmet and/or beanie. The problem? Short hair is not very warm.

Now enters the mullet. With its long hair in the back, the mullet fulfills the essential task of keeping one’s neck warm. It truly does offer the best of both worlds. Let’s face it; with the mullet, you can really have it all.

So, for this trip I, of course, dawned a mullet, on the eve of my departure. While still young in its formation and accomplishments, it has a promising future.

The mullet, reborn

The mullet, reborn

Tomorrow Kiia-Riikka, “Le Mullet”, and I will set sail. Gear is packed and the kayak is strapped to the roof of the car. Water levels are quite high, flooding in some regions of Finland, which has us moderately worried. Thankfully, the high water levels will have little effect on the lakes, and will mostly only change the water flow speed of the rivers. The first half of the trip is almost all lakes with small sections of river. This will offer us plenty of opportunities to play it cautiously, get out of our boat and scout these river sections before committing to them. If we have to, we can portage around them.


Our ride, on our ride.

The forecast is calling for an end to the floods in the next 10 days, so we are hoping for a post-flood run down the Oulujoki (Oulu River) for the second half of our trip. But, we have many kilometers to cover before this, and right now we need to focus on the task at hand: getting started.

We hare hoping to reach the town of Kuhmo by the 20th. If possible (and it may not be) I will post a quick update at that time  – providing the local library will let two smelly, wet, out-of-towners use their computers.

Until then!


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