The time is (almost) now.

Months of training, thousands of euros, and countless hours of research and consultation have come down to this. Tomorrow I depart from Finland for my 10-week climbing trip in Argentina.

Yesterday’s massive gear packing session and today’s expedition mullet cutting finished all the necessary pre-trip preparations. While this is one of the longest and most involved trips I have ever done, it has been one of the easiest and least-stressful to plan for. Coincidentally, it has also been the trip that has required me to get the most outside assistance; aka, to ask for help.


New shades, new mullet.

Most (but not all) of the gear.

Most (but not all) of the gear.








While I won’t bore you with a lengthy list of those fine individuals, companies, and organizations who have selflessly given their time and expertise to help me reach for my dream, I will say that I am extremely grateful for not only for what they have done but for what they have taught me.

Asking for help has never been my strong suit. It makes me feel uncomfortable and for this adventure, I have had to do more of it than ever. Yet, during these trials I have come to realize that by involving others, they become part of the experience. Sharing this experience with them has allowed our bonds to grow deeper, my appreciation bigger, and our relationships stronger.

My sincerest thanks to all of you.

I will do my best to post updates on here and Facebook as time allows, though these occasions will be minimal.

Here we go!


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