Besides the obvious goals of becoming more transparent with my happenings and sharing more of my life with family, friends, and followers, I do have other aspirations for this blog.

I hope that this blog can be used as a reference. Many of the places I have the good fortune to visit may not be widely known or have readily available information.  It is my desire to provide useful, factual information and tips about about these locations, so as to help others fulfill their own adventures.  If you desire even more information about a specific venue or trip,  please do not hesitate to inquire; I find it a privilege to assist others in their journeys.

Planning and undertaking larger adventures can be both extremely frustrating and thoroughly rewarding. It is my desire to not only provide facts about places, but also personal emotions about the experience. I aim to “tell it like it is” in order to paint more holistic picture of the event.

Above all I wish to provide you, the reader, with a truthful blog, offering up “the good, the bad, and the ugly” for each of these unique experiences.


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